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Example: The Mongrel Wood Collaborative

Ideas To Market / Guide Book / Example: The Mongrel Wood Collaborative

The Mongrel Wood Collaborative: An Ideas To Market (ITM) Initiative

Mongrel Wood Collaborative is a conceptual marketing and distribution organization that seeks to market Rustic Design products made from locally-sourced otanical forest materials that are of no commercial value to the current forest industry. Examples of potential products include willow and other scrub tree pieces for the craft and do- it-yourself markets; as well as pine cones and other botanical products for customers associated with the souvenir, miniature, craft and decoration markets.

It is proposed that these products will be cut into set lengths, dried and/or cured as necessary, and distributed and marketed in build-it-yourself kits; or in the case of pine cones, the product will cleaned and bagged. In order to reduce storage requirements, and to keep inventory in the distribution channel at a minimum, it is proposed that the harvesting and collection of botanicals will be done by independent contractors supplying Mongrel Wood on a “just-in –time” basis as orders dictate. Products made in BC and distributed/marketed by the Mongrel Wood Collaborative will be sold under the Mongrel Wood brand in order to build public interest and brand awareness.

Initiative Benefits:

1. Business is a low cost investment regarding supply and/or fabrication categories.
2. Sales generate cash flow that increases proportional to business growth and product sales.
3. Simple and easily taught business opportunity.
4. Suitable for community workshops.
5. Realistic business opportunity for at risk people.

6. Highly diversified market opportunities with potential for numerous products.
7. Products easily accessible and plentiful.
8. Strong existing market for botanical forest products.
9. Requires only basic tools to harvest and fabricate.
10. Initiative contains numerous potential sectors. For example; the craft market, the furniture market, the seasonal and ornamentation market, the miniature market, and the souvenir market.
11. Table-top or small workshop manufacturing potential. Opportunity for additional income.
12. A Green Initiative. All products will be natural, locally sourced in BC and are materials currently considered of no value to the existing forestry industry.

Collaborative Structure:

1.  Supplier: The supplier harvests the materials, sorts, packages and/or assembles the product, satisfies regulatory requirements, and gets it to the retail market or distributor. The supplier can also market and sell products directly.
2. Distributor: The distributor transports the products to the stores and manages the wholesale and retail sales experiences

(ie. represents products, performs customer service, etc.).
3. Mongrel Wood: Connects the suppliers with the distributors, facilitates the maintenance of the supply chain, creates brand awareness and recognition for rustic design through marketing activities, develops and conducts community workshops, and develops pricing standards.


• Pricing will follow examples of current pricing for similar products that are currently available on-line.

• Pine cones: small pine cones harvesting price .03 per pine coned cleaned and bagged. Twenty-five cones per bag. Price per bag to be determined.

• Bulk orders will be priced on an order-by-order basis.

• A sample pricing matrix is attached to this overview.

Mongrel Wood Sample Pricing Matrix:

Rustic Design Souvenir Production:

The tourism industry has been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A notable result of this situation is that the souvenir market has been everely impacted. Post-pandemic projections show a rebound in tourism and therefore a rebound in the souvenir market. Currently the souvenir market is dominated by products made offshore, mostly in Asian countries, much to the frustration of consumers who prefer products made in the region visited. There are three price ranges that are attractive for souvenirs in the retail market:

1. Under $10.00 retail suggestions:
Handmade paper from recycled sources
• Simple Craft items
• Candles
• Cast-moulded products
• Prints (silk-screening, other)


2. Under $20.00 retail suggestions:
More complex craft items
• Simple beadwork
• Small wood products
• Prints (silk screening)


3. Under $30.00 retail suggestions:
• Small gift hampers Crafts
• Small wood products
• Leather crafts

Examples of Rustic Design Products: