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ITM’s Role in the Community

Ideas To Market / Guide Book / ITM’s Role in the Community

Instituting the ITM Business Network in a community will encourage community members to identify the roles they wish to play in the development and sales of locally-produced innovations. The role could be in the innovation itself, the manufacturing of the products, the marketing of the products, or investment in the product’s development.

Localization of production and economic community resilience are the goals of ITM!

Some Examples of Potential ITM Community Benefits Could Include:
• Seniors have many experiences to share which could lead to new product innovations.
• Farming communities can use winter work. Products can be made in farmstead shops for sale in the spring. Good for seasonal products
• Shop floor innovations from trade shops. These innovations could include new tools and processes.
• Products created through “home-built” processes can be refined and commercialized as products.
• Artisans that want to get their products to an online market