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Investing in ITM

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The ITM Business Network offers 2 types of investment opportunities that support local business development and that result in BC made products being marketed worldwide:


Investor Type 1:

The Idea Creation Investor

This type of investor wants to work with idea people, manufacturers and distributors to fund the creation of a prototype and/or a marketing campaign to bring the product to market. Budget and cash flow conscious strategies are employed to ensure the product is brought to market at a competitive price.<br /> Active idea creation investment will lead to robust outcomes for the local economy. Although this type of investment bears the most risk in the product<br /> development model as it is the seed money, rates of return will vary as per the popularity of the product. The standard investment agreement will carry a rate of return of 2.5 times (ie. $1000 investment would payback a total of $2,500) at a rate of 10% of the target market price until such time that the investment and agreed return is repaid by the partner group that is subject to the business cooperation agreement. For example, if the subject product had a target price of $20,000 on an investment of $60,000; 30 units sold would return the initial investment - and then a further 45 units sold would provide additional return revenues. Royalty revenues from product sales would be disbursed to the agreement partners as sales occurred or would, at the agreement of the agreement partners, fund refinements and further developments of the product.


Investor Type 2:

The Idea Multiplier Investor

This type of investor may not want to participate in product development investments but has an interest in the creation of cash flow from a market tested product. Investments provided would constitute working capital against approved orders and seasonal inventory production. A negotiated share of revenue will be disbursed to investors from the point of sale on a sale-by-sale basis or through negotiation with the distributor. Rates of return will range depending on i) current pricing for short-term loans and inventory financing and ii) early stage start-ups.